Jamie Crewe: Ashley

1 April, 2021
– 13 May, 2021

This online exhibition has ended.

LUX presents Ashley by Jamie Crewe online from 1 April to 13 May 2021. Ashley was presented as part of their solo exhibition Jamie Crewe: Ashley at LUX last year, which was closed due to the lockdown.

Dragging a wheelie case behind them, Ashley arrives at an isolated beachside cottage. They hope that this weekend in the countryside might be the change they need: a change from depression, from heartbreak, from the pain of a shifting identity. As the weekend unfolds, however, their hope wavers: things go wrong in their body, or perhaps in their mind — or perhaps there really is something, outside, developing an appetite for them…

Ashley is a semi-autobiographical rural horror film filmed on the West Coast of Scotland, designed for cinema viewing. Its only character is played onscreen by the artist, and voiced in narration by the poet and performance maker Travis Alabanza. Drawing on the conventions of the rural horror genre (seen in television series such as the BBC’s West Country Tales, 1982–83) and of Margaret Tait’s work in the Scottish landscape tradition, the film takes an experience of modern femininity and mines it for terror. In doing so, it animates the fears, stresses, and vivid transformations of a certain kind of trans life.

Ashley is available to view with captions and audio description.

Learn more about Jamie Crewe’s solo exhibition and accompanying reading list here

Presented by LUX and LUX Scotland

A colourfully painted ivory pendant is abandoned on a wet ground. it seems to lean on a bunch of wild flowers


Jamie Crewe

45 minutes 39 seconds

Ashley (with Caption)

Jamie Crewe

45 minutes 39 seconds

Ashley (with Audio Description)

Jamie Crewe

45 minutes 39 seconds



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