Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin, Philomène Hoël

14 January, 2021
– 18 March, 2021

Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin

Philomène Hoël

42 minutes 37 seconds

Outside In

Stephen Dwoskin

1 hour 50 minutes

‘For his eighth feature, Dwoskin focuses on his own disablement by polio, and its hazards to his emotional and sexual life. It’s a strange, riveting mixture of Hal Roach slapstick, vivid confessions, open-hearted self-reflexivity, and Dwoskin’s own highly formalist aesthetic of the unblinking look (which had some English feminists hopping mad but reached their European sisters). Dwoskin reinvents the cinema from where Straub left off. The cast ranges through Carlisi from Fellini-land to Jordine from TV’s Crossroads. A haunting documentation of a strange, difficult life; its pratfalls and fetishes, triumphs and disasters. Crutches of fire?’ – Time Out

Online Exhibition: Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin has ended.

LUX is proud to present a new work by French artist Philomène Hoël, Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin (2020) produced as part of Is It Your Hand Or Is It My Hand? her ongoing dialogue with the work of filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin. The film is presented alongside Dwoskin’s eighth feature film Outside In (1981). Both films have closed captions available.

Read an accompanying interview with Philomène Hoël here

Acting Out: Stephen Dwoskin is the latest brilliant addition to artist Philomene Hoël ongoing series of works playing with the dynamics of her personal relationship in unexpected staged encounters. In this work Hoël plays a high-wire game with her fellow researchers, exploring the nature of their mutual obsession; filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin, whose life and fictive world bleeds into their encounter through a series of interventions in disconcerting and hilarious ways. Part interview, part therapy session, the work creates a shifting power play of fiction and reality, staging and improvisation, pulling at and revealing the nature and tensions within a set of real relationships. To accompany the film Hoël has selected Stephen Dwoskin’s extraordinary personal film Outside In, a unique subjective document of the lived experience of his disability.


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