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Mark Aerial Waller

Mark Aerial Waller was born in High Wycombe in 1969. He studied film and video with sculpture at St Martins School of Art.

International exhibitions include: Athens Bienale 8, Museo D’arteContemporanea Donnaregina (MADRE), Naples, Musée d’ArtModern de la Ville de Paris, France, and the South London Gallery.

Waller founded the event based project The Wayward Canon in 2001, where archival film and video artworks are reconfigured with audience and spatial considerations, events include Simon and the Radioactive Flesh (collaboration with Giles Round) (2006), Platform Garanti, Istanbul and La Societe des Amis de Judex (2007) at Tate Modern, London.

He produces interdisciplinary, cinematic time travelogues that refute any predictable balance between our romance for the ancient past and our fetish for a streamlined future. By jamming multiple time streams and technical formats he stages elliptical, psychological landscapes in which fantasy and documentary become almost interchangeable.
Stuart Comer