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Michael Snow

Canada, 1966 - 1967
45 minutes, Colour, opt
Available formats: 16mm

Winner of the Grand Prix 4th International Experimental Film Festival. Knokke.
‘One of the few truly original works of the current avant-garde, a perfect example of the cinema of stillness and poetic contemplation weaving its hypnotic charms so deviously that many who come to scoff remain transfixed. Wavelength is one of those few films that compel the viewer regardless of his personal reactions to speculate on the very essence of the medium and inevitably of reality.’ – Amos Vogel.
‘Wavelength was not only by far the best film at the Brussels Festival but opened a whole new area and dimension for the avant-garde cinema.’ – Shirley Clarke.
‘Described by its creator as a ‘continuous zoom which takes 45 minutes to go from its widest field to its smallest and final field’ Wavelength is at once one of the simplest and most complex films ever conceived. Literally oscillating between the conceptual and the immediately real, its four human occurrences interrupt yet remain in to the flow of continually metamorphosing variations on the unrelenting crescendo of its ‘one shot’ toward and into the four windows of a Canal Street Loft.’ – Film Quarterly.