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Warm Bath

Lucy Clout

United Kingdom, , 2016
11 minutes, 05 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Original format: HD video
Available formats: HD Video / / / HD Digital file

‘Warm Bath’ is a home movie. It is a looping fiction telling two interlocking stories. The first, a group of seven women, each obsessed with the movement of water within their shared, UPVC and mildew, North London house. The second, a man who films a particular drainage ditch twice a day, every day, in the sunny Southern Californian endoergic basin. The video begins as an investigation into the desire to record the unremarkable passing of time and becomes a looking-based experiment in permanence, place, leaky systems and intimacy. ‘Warm Bath’ documents structures by which people maintain themselves – physically, socially and via repetition/routine. We see the prosaic economic relationship that is a house-share: necessarily impermanent, a place of continual constructional negotiation. It’s a practical, provisional agreement between themselves: a structure that functionally understands it’s own instability. Through the nauseating repetitive movement of the individual hand, the work shows one-sided stories of comfort, attachment and joining in. lucy clout