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Untitled (Cinema Programme)

James Richards

UK, 2006
18 minutes, Colour
Original format: Quicktime File
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

“An odyssey of our times, of sublimated associative and expressive conjunctions, instinct, low-fi reportage, performance, art, romance, disturbing enactment and the magical, sometimes sexual, precisely arbitrary – a set perhaps of deflections that effects the immediacy of direct communication as we might know it now. | Or feel it.” – Ian WhiteThis video assemblage navigates symbolic and fragmentary moments from the mass archive, orchestrating points of intimacy and rhythm. Although its anti-narrative structure is characteristic of Richards’ restless search for a personal iconography, Untitled (Cinema Programme) is rare in its lush score – one which sets up a rhythmic counterpoint between image and sensual sound environment.