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Two Days to Zero

Lewis Klahr

USA, 2004
23 minutes, Colour, sound
Available formats: 16mm

A trilogy comprising:
Two Days To Zero
Two Hours To Zero
Two Minutes To Zero (music by Glenn Branca an excerpt from “The Ascension” (1980); film commissioned by the 2004 Rotterdam Film Festival “Just A Minute” program)
A feature length narrative compressed 3 differnt times into 3 separate films of diminishing duration until the synoptic is synopsized. A crime story told 3 different ways concerning the events of a two month period leading up to, and immediately following a bank robbery. The imagery has all been appropriated (the fancy, art world sanctioned term for stealing) from 4 issues of an early 1960’s comic book version of the then popular, American TV show “77 Sunset Strip”.
The films are available separately or as a set.