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Margaret Salmon

United Kingdom, 2018
26 minutes, Black & White, Silent
Original format: Super 16mm film
Available formats: HD Video

Two uses a female erotic gaze to look for places where love might be found in contemporary life and to explore what might constitute supportive, loving relationships today. It documents three different couples in joyful acts of lovemaking, celebrating the ways in which bodies and people connect physically and emotionally to one another.

Salmon has said the following about Two: “This is an attempt to trace a physical manifestation of love between committed partners, through the mediation of my camera. It’s a simple, intuitive account of the collaboration between myself and the people in the work, and is a celebration of connection and intimacy between caring bodies, as seen through a woman’s camera lens. Two acts in many ways as an antidote to dominant patriarchal visual culture and capitalistic representation of sex that are often entirely divorced from the reality of our bodies and the sexual relationships we cultivate with others.”