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Trilogy – Kettles Yard

Jayne Parker

UK, 2008
25 minutes
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD digital file

Linear Construction, Woman with Arms Crossed, and Arc, form a trilogy of films set in Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge, featuring cellist Anton Lukoszevieze. They include art objects from the Kettle’s Yard collection, opening up metaphorical space and meaning. These films are documents of musical performance: respectively, ‘Récitation’ (1980) by Georges Aperghis; ‘Sensitivo, per arco solo’ (1959) by Sylvano Bussotti; and ‘Raimondas Rumsas’ (2002) by Laurence Crane. Each composition holds a special interest: ‘‘Récitation’ requires the cellist to tap the strings with his left hand while speaking phonemes based around the word ‘violoncelle’. On ‘Sensitivo’ Anton writes, ‘It was composed to allow a situation where the instrumentalist encounters and creates the graphic score with a combination of improvised gestures and concrete sounds from the notation. In my realization I use the bow to a certain extent as if it were a pen or brush in the hand of an imaginary graphic artist, scanning the contours of drawn and scribbled lines’. ‘Raimondas Rumsas’ was composed for Anton to play with his Bach-Bogen, a curved bow capable of playing up to four strings at once.
(‘Woman with Arms Crossed’ was the name sometimes used by Auguste Rodin to describe his sculpture Eve.)