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This Our Still Life

Andrew Kotting

57 minutes, B&W/colour
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Installation, Bookwork and Video‘Louyre – This Our Still Life’ is a home movie. It is a portrait of a remote tumbledown Pyrenean farmhouse where I have lived on and off for almost twenty five years with my lover Leila and our daughter Eden. The isolation of existence in the French Pyrenees is both contemplative and meditative but sometimes the animistic presence of the great out-of-doors can prove overwhelming and the madness sets in. The film evokes a sense of this place whilst focusing on Eden and her glorious idiosyncratic personality and explores notions of nostalgia, memory and isolation.Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner composed the music, which was taken from his album ‘Messe’. It has a melancholic tone to it, which accentuates a lot of the emotions at work in the film. The mood of the film pulls heavily from these beautiful compositions.Camera, Sound and EditingAndrew KottingWithLeila McMillanEden KottingAndrew Kotting Joey KottingNigel Hudson