Country: UK
Duration: 8 mins
|38 Seconds
Sound: Stereo
Available Format/s: SD
Original Format: SD video


‘THE VERY VERY END’ is an artist’s video work about a holiday resort where tourists and holiday makers are waiting for a nuclear radiation cloud to reach them. The theme references a common preoccupation of the 1960’s, Nuclear War. Today, we regard Nuclear war as an outside possibility, yet the possession of these weapons is rising, indeed, many regimes that already hold them, are far from predictable.‘The Very Very End’ also refers to Nevil Shute’s novel, ‘On the Beach’. Shute depicts a haunting picture of what it is like to wait for a radiation cloud; the result of a conflict far away. In The Very Very End, a group are trapped at their hotel by the imminent arrival of the radiation cloud. Yet the tourists become drawn to a new video craze while waiting for the radiation. As the world ends, the holiday makers enjoy watching computer animations of Earth’s birth – re-mixed with dance music.

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