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The Tattooed Man

Storm De Hirsch

USA, 1967
35 minutes, Colour, sound
Available formats: 16mm

This film is a cinematic adaptation of a poem by the film-maker, originally published in the San Francisco Review.
Children of the water world drift the ocean in an empty crystal ball, swim in beaded beds of mist, and spawn in pools of murder to see a lantern sunk in the pit of an empty space. S.D.H.
‘A death-haunted dream of sensuous colour and sensual imagery.’- Richard White Hall.
‘A major work in terms of style, structure, graphic invention, image manipulation and symbolic ritual. Short, abbreviated dream-like moments, fused together like a tension and the dynamics of motion picture time… groping around for new myths. Symbolic invention and theatricalisation of dreams, and making them literal, is the whole function and purpose of movie making… her concept of the problem is sweeping and very large.’ Stan Vanderbeek.