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The Silent Cry

Stephen Dwoskin

UK, 1977
96 minutes, Colour, sound
Original format: 16mm film
Available formats: 16mm / SD Digital file

‘The Silent Cry is a fictionalised narrative film, based on documentary facts and extracts of one English girl’s memories and thoughts, all surrounded, and directed towards her particular dilemma. This dilemma can be summarized as her basic inability to have relationships, especially sustained relationships, and particularly with men. This is the total of her statement and the film. The construction and flow of the film follows the way she thinks – it is her point of view that is followed in the film. So all things are the way she remembers and dwells on them, and which are important to her.’ – S.D.
‘A kind of impressionistic ‘diary’ of a girl and her silent cry for help/understanding/love/identity… Dwoskin has likened the film to a kind of contemporary Alice in Wonderland, ‘a world which we can feel more and more as the filmic tapestry is woven.’ It is also, one should emphasize, beautifully photographed with not only highly effective extreme close-ups but also many finely-patterned almost abstract shots.’ – Ken Wlaschin