The Love Show

Country: UK
Duration: 40 mins
Sound: Sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


“A narrator describes the beginning of a television programme . It sounds like a ‘made for tv ‘ movie. He then describes a series of seemingly disconnected scenes which are illustrated by clichà ®d sound effects. A memory test follows. A number of characters – writer, designer, make-up artist who are all played by the same actor – describe their part in the television production process. They seem to have trouble keeping their minds on the matter and their monologues slide away from a description (…the love of their craft to ideological statements about the representation of sexuality in Realist drama productions.)

Love on television – television’s constant narration and articulation of representations of sexuality – the viewer’s libidinal investment in those representations.

Love of television – the ideology of professionalism – the television producer’s libidinal investment in the production of those representations.

What if the news were to be read differently? Would committed television’ produce an analysis rather than a ‘reportage’? What kind of images would it use?”

Video Artists on Tour catalogue , 1980, Arts Council.

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