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The Loom – I, II, III, IV

Stan Brakhage

USA, 1986
50 minutes, Colour, Silent
Available formats: 16mm

A multiple superimposition hand painted visual symphony of animal life on Earth. The Loom might be compared to a musical quartet form (as there are almost always four superimposed pictures); but the complexity of texture, multiplicity of tone and the variety of interrelated rhythms suggest symphonic dimensions. The film is very inspired by George Melies: the animals exist (in Jane’s enclosure) as on a stage, their interreationships edited to the disciplines of dance, so therefore one might say this hardly represents “animal life on Earth”; but I would argue that this work at least epitomises theatrical nature, magical creature, and is the outside limit, to date, of my art in that respect.(The balance of light was so perfectly realised in making the neg. of this print that i wish to credit Western Cone Lab’s ‘timer’ Louise Fujiki as creative collaborator in the accomplishment of this work.) – S.B.