Country: UK
Duration: 70 mins
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: HD Digital file / BluRay / DCP
Original Format: Film transferred to video


Presenting experimental home movies, a pop promo for the Lonnie Donnegan skiffle smash hit ‘Battle of New Orleans’ and more besides, this delightful programme showcases the playful, physical sense of humour and irreverent sensibility of great British artist and eccentric, Bruce Lacey. All films are digitally restored.Everybody’s Nobody 1960 Dir John Sewell 18minsStarring Bruce Lacey as the Mobile Absurd Non-entity aka M.A.N. – a “synchronised, pressurised, energised, moisturised moron” – this Goonish film rips apart the factory-produced, ‘ideal home’ type lifestyle aggressively marketed in the post-war era with playful, witty panache.Battle of New Orleans 1960 Dir Bob Godfrey 4minsLacey, animator Bob Godfrey (Rhubarb and Custard) and Joe McGrath act-up like silent comedians, brilliantly emphasizing the physicality of slapstick humour in this early pop promo.The Flying Alberts 1965 Dir Roger Graef 9minsProfessor Bruce Lacey and his cod-Edwardian novelty jazz musician friends the Alberts launch a DIY rocket from the ponds of Hampstead Heath with disastrous results.One Man Band 1965 Dir Bob Godfrey 11minsAn early cinema influenced tale of rags to riches by Bob Godfrey. Bruce Lacey stars as the hapless ‘little man’ who longs to stand in the shoes of his hero: conductor Lance Corporal.How to Have a Bath 1971 Dir Bruce Lacey & Jill Bruce 5minsLacey and his wife and collaborator Jill Bruce instruct the viewer on the finer points of washing, intimately demonstrating the importance of each and every step. A lo-fi revival of the wartime public information film.Outside In 1973 Dir John Lewis & Dennis Lowe 6minsDon’t surrender your inner child says Bruce Lacey in this film about his interactive space environment ‘Journey Through a Blackhole to a Coloured Planet’. Kids romp and giggle in a darkened tunnel while the Laceys play experimental electronic music to their considerable delight.The Lacey Rituals (extract) 1973 Dir The Lacey Family 10minsFrom young children to fully grown adults, everyone in the Lacey family took turns to operate the camera and present a daily ritual in this highly unusual, brilliant experimental home movie.Stella Chase 1974 Dir Bruce Lacey & Jill Bruce 4minsA moody, pastoral sci-fi tale about Stella Superstar and her travels across the universe. Vaseline around the camera lens and other early cinema techniques turn it into something truly beautiful.If I Had a Talking Picture of You 2002 Dir Bruce Lacey 2minsBruce Lacey showcases his early Music Hall roots and with great pleasure, sings and interacts with an old film projection of Jill Bruce and himself from forty years ago.

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