The Entire History of The Louisiana Purchase

Country: USA
Duration: 56 mins
Sound: opt
Available Format/s: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
  • Politics and protest


The Entire History of The Louisiana Purchase
The Entire History of The Louisiana Purchase

‘Nuclear infanticide, the self-proclaimed son of the Anti-Christ (…), and half a dozen refugees from ‘The X Files’… Mr Oppenheimer lives up to his name.[The Entire History Of The Louisiana Purchase takes] the story of a woman who has an immaculate conception and murders her infant in a microwave oven… as a take-off point for a nightmarish critique of congenital American insanity.
This film combines documentary, home movies, archival footage, and fiction [to form] a new type of film: the fictional documentary — as opposed to “faux documentary”. Fictional documentary is an interesting category, because the act of making such a film writes fantasy as history, fiction as fact, adding an imaginary event to the historical record.’
“In Louisiana Purchase I wanted to examine the whole question of historical memory, the making of history…” – J. Oppenheimer – production notes.

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