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Social Visions

Redmond Entwistle

USA, 2000
15 minutes, B&W, Opt.
Available formats: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
Social Visions

Social Visions suggests the myriad histories and futures that constitute Los Angeles; a city whose public image has been used as cover for the abuse of its population but also a city where one senses the potential for radical social change. Los Angeles is suffering from all the worst side effects of Americas social and economic reforms. Industry, commerce and the middle classes have all jumped ship and left a husk of a city. The most basic public services such as roads and water run along the lines of money and in the poorer parts of town life breaks down. There is insecurity everywhere; privatisation threatens more jobs, social security is a misnomer and the land can be bought from under your feet. Immigration from South America and the far-east increases while middle class populations dwindle. A small clique presides over the image of the city, but it is a city that they hardly know. Without money or political power, the majority of people who live here are invisible. Social Visions is about the impossibility of adequately representing a city when whole sections of the population are excluded from the channels of power.