Sincerity I

Country: USA
Duration: 20 mins
Sound: Silent
Available Format/s: 16mm


This is the first completed reel of work-in-progress, draws on autobiographical energies and images which reflect the first 20 years of my living. I have three definitions of the word ‘sincerity’ to sustain my working along these lines of thought with this auto-biographical material:(1) Ezra Pound’s marvellous mistranslation of a Chinese ideogram- ‘Sincerity…the sun’s lance coming to rest on the precise spot verbally…'(of which I would change, for my purposes, the last word ‘visually’), and (2) Robert Creeley’s trance-of-the word for me on the back of a Buffalo, N.Y. restaurant menu – ‘Sym-keros …same growth (Ceres) create… of the same growth,’ and (3) Hollis Frampton’s track -of-it to ‘the Greek’, viz- ‘a glazed pot (i.e one which will hold water)’. This film might best be seen, then, a graph of light equivalent to autobiographical thought process. – S.B.

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