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Short Films of 1974

Stan Brakhage

USA, 1974
20 minutes, Colour, Silent
Available formats: 16mm

‘A loosely coiled length of yarn (story)…wound on a reel’- my parenthesis! This is a painted film (inspired by Nolde’s ‘unpainted pictures’). Aquarian: ‘EN’?- as the dictionary has it: ‘made of , of , or belonging to’ (then) Aquarius/an. This is my first conscious make of a ‘tone poem’ film.
‘1:SUN 2 not cap, GOLD- used in alchemy 3, the sun-god of the ancient Romans’, but then also, as I understand it, a French word for earth, where from we get out ‘soil’, and then (puns always intended, as I hear them), Soul…This also, then, a tone poem film.
Her to me is always Jane, in the first place, but also Hera: ‘goddess of women and marriage’, naturally enough. Then too, as it is a hymn of light, and as he/me feels the self that way, it sings of and to itself.
Pun on ‘light’ intended – that short preceding expellation of breath perhaps the subject matter of this film which centres on consideration of death. It is the third tone poem film which did much surprise me by thus completing a trilogy of the ‘4 classical elements’. – S.B.