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Ray Gun Virus

Paul Sharits

USA, 1966
14 minutes, Colour, separate tape
Available formats: 16mm

Although affirming projector, projection beam, screen, emulsion, filmframe, structure, etc., this is not an ‘abstract’ film. /projector as pistol/time coloured pills/yes-no/mental suicide and then rebirth as projection.’…I really think you have a very fine film there of magnificent subtlety in its byplay with the texture of film and the eye’s grain…’ – Stan Brakhage.
‘The retinal retention of after images is remarkable.’-Emshwiller.
‘With films like RGV, LSD may become obsolete.’-MOMA
‘…it is not so-called ‘Psychedelic Cinema’ but it is even more and goes beyond it through Sharit’s bright clarification of the media.’ – limura.