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Pyramid Drawings

David Haxton

USA, 1976
11 minutes, B&W, Silent
Available formats: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

“Pyramid drawings is one of a group of films which incorporates a narrow band of light parallel to the film plane in the scene filmed. In these films movements into deep space is implied by movement through the plane of illumination. The film has two sections. The first section of the film consists of drawing a pyramid shape with paint in lines on a two-dimensional plane (referring to the two-dimensionality of the film image). The drawing is eliminated and a second drawing is produced in three dimensions. In this section, rope lines are actually drawn back and forth through the plane of light. The lines that extend beyond the form of the pyramid are painted black. The result is an image of a pyramid that looks the same as the original two-dimensional pyramid drawing. However, the second pyramid is actually exists in three dimensions within the filmed scene where the first pyramid was entirely two-dimensional. There are two kinds of drawing performed in this film. The performer makes lines by painting cords. Also, he actually draws cord through space. The performer erases excess lines (by painting them black) upon completion of the second drawing.”