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Emily Wardill

UK, 2011
5 minutes, Black & White, Silent, 16:9
Original format: Super 16mm Film
Available formats: HD Digital file

“Take the ribbon from my hair, shake it loose and let it fall. Layin’ soft against your skin, like the shadow on the wall … sings Gladys Knight and reading this is as if we can hear her clearly. But we cannot hear her. Not as such. Her imagined song becomes Emily Wardill’s film as it becomes her words. As if in a silent karaoke, transformed into the film’s title, her backing group The Pips have been replaced… The ribbon from her hair is in the gymnast’s hands. It carves out volumes, passageways, spirals that do not exist but that are as tangible as a body. It extends the body, its movements and the tiny flick of a wrist…” – Ian White