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Perestroika: Reconstructed

Sarah Turner

Russia, UK, 2013
178 minutes, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Available formats: HD Video / HD Digital file

Perestroika: Reconstructed, 2013 (178mins) re-mixes and extends Perestroika, into two sequences. Sequence one constitutes the 2009 version of the film, whilst the second sequence constructs a new framing narrative that reinterprets and reconfigures both the imagery and the experience of the first.Part psycho-geography, part dream and part environmental allegory, both sequences of Perestroika: Reconstructed conclude at Lake Baikal, contrasting experiences of terror and apocalypse with those of beauty and tranquility, the one contaminating the other. In this uncanny return, form stages theme through twinning the instability of the environment with the instability of memory and re-enacting that within the experience of the film itself. This extended work delves further into ideas of momentary truth, identity and how an uncontaminated experience of landscape is literally and metaphorically something that only exists in memory.