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Redmond Entwistle

UK, 2006
60 minutes
Original format: 16mm
Available formats: 16mm

‘Redmond Entwistle’s three-dimensional work, Paterson – Lodz , crosses between cinema and installation. Incorporating the filmic essay, expanded cinema and new media, a series of soundscapes and recorded interviews are randomly selected by a computer. Alternating with black screens and beautifully fixed shots of glass panels made from ground impressions in Paterson, USA and Lodz , Poland it describes a complex picture of history, identity and migration through two key events: the involvement of the Jewish populations of both towns in the 1905 revolution in Lodz and the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike.’ – Ian White, Whitechapel Gallery

‘A sparse, conceptual undertaking that combines computer-controlled audio with small-gauge 16mm film…Both historically astute and satisfyingly minimalist, Entwistle displays an austere formalism too rarely achieved by political art.’ – Ed Halter, The Year in Experimental Film, Village Voice 2007

Winner, Best International Film On-screen, Images Festival 2008