Oh Lover Boy Theme

Country: UK
Duration: 5 mins
Sound: sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
  • Body
  • Performance


“My work focuses on the visceral, where the body is a canvas and an unmediated site for representation for the sacred, the beautiful, the untouchable, the unspeakable, and for the pain, the love, the hate, the loss, the power and the fears of the human condition. My performance practice reduces the body to its most carnal, bloody, raw, exposed, existential and essential state. My installations and sculpture work distil these emotions to minimal poetic phases and symbols that resonate profoundly within the spectator. My recent work synthesise both performance and visual art installation; the body becomes subject and object , life model and the work of arts itself , the viewer and viewed.” – F.B.

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