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O Come All Ye Faithfull

Stephen Sutcliffe

UK, 2007
1 minutes, Colour, sound, 4:3
Original format: SD Video
Available formats: SD Digital file

O come all ye faithful employs television footage of the poet Christopher Logue reading the verse from which Sutcliffe’s film takes its name. Logue sits on a sofa, there is a busy Aztec-style pattern on the cushion behind him, the colours are 1970s browns and oranges and there is something faintly bohemian about his domestic surrounds. He reads from a book, head bent, sometimes nodding with emphasis, gently beating out the meter of the verse with his words. The poem speaks of unity and love, and, like ‘The Garden of Proserpine’, a sense of regeneration and renewal.” – Michelle Cotton, MAP Magazine, 2009.