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Patrick Keiller

UK, 1983
26 minutes, B&W, Sound, 4:3
Original format: 16mm film
Available formats: 16mm / HD Digital file

In Norwood, the narrator of the earlier Stonebridge Park returns from exile in Nice to attempt a property speculation in south London. Actuality footage ‘photographed entirely in Norwood’ is accompanied by narration written later, in which the narrator relates his difficulties with business associates, the camera visiting locations at which events are presumed to have taken place. Two thirds of the way through the film the narrator describes his own murder and subsequent ascension to heaven, but as this also seems to be in Norwood maybe we have our doubts. – P.K.‘Imbued with loss on the edge of despair, Norwood’s cultural pessimism is fitting for these fag-end times.’ – Michael O’Pray‘…wry, funny and surreal. A wonderful film.’ – Jo Comino, City Limits