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Michael’s Theme

Kathryn Elkin

UK, 2014
7 minutes, 47 seconds, Colour, Sound, 16:9
Original format: HD video
Available formats: HD Digital file
Kathryn Elkin, 2014

Michael’s Theme uses previously unbroadcast fragments from the opening and closing of several episodes in the first two series of Parkinson from the 1970s. The work explores the talk-show convention of revealing the mechanisms of television-making, as well as the notion of improvisation within the ‘recorded- as-live’ TV format and within the repeated live renditions of the jazz theme tune in those earlier episodes. These excerpts and the theme tune for the programme are used as a point of departure to consider the relationship of a live studio audience, crew and talk show host each to other, and how their complicit relationship anticipates the audience who will watch the deferred broadcast.’ – Kathryn Elkin