Medicine Box

Country: UK
Duration: 11 mins
Sound: mag stripe
Available Format/s: 16mm / DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
  • Body


Medicine Box is a 16mm film project that takes as its starting point the interior of the medicine cabinet. The doors of the medicine cabinet open revealing its contents. Hands rearrange, remove and add to the collection of pill bottles and medicinal cures stored inside. Blurred bottles float past the screen and quantities of pills are dispensed. Pills of different shapes and sizes are arranged in Morse Code fashion, providing cryptic clues to ‘cure-alls’. The intention of the work is to make the viewer question the necessity of medication, to be aware of its power and to respect the influence that a small pill can have on one’s health. The film is a response to the artist’s own attitude to and experience of medication and the effect it can have within family relationships. It was prompted by a realisation of the difference between necessity, dependency and addiction.

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