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Mammmmmywata presents life solutions international

Alberta Whittle

UK, 2016
3 minutes, 57 seconds, Colour, Silent, 16:9
Available formats: HD Video ProRes, HD Video H.264

Recent developments in my research have led to the creation of a mythological avatar, Mammmmmmmywata, whose mission is to facilitate new mechanisms for discussing decolonization and memory. The avatar of Mammmmmmmywata is based on the creolized, mythological figure of Mami Wata, as well as Yemanja in Brazil, mamlambo in South Africa and Maman de l’Eau in Trinidad. Rooted in belief systems from West Africa, carried in the memories of the enslaved during the Middle Passage, Mammmmmmmywata arrived in the Americas mutating and ready to transform again .Disrupting binaries of identity, Mammmmmmmywata represents a hybrid identity, personifying a culture of mixedness, rooted in both miscegenation and love. She has landed in Scotland, appearing in videos, encouraging us to get WOKE, advertising her powers to decolonize from within and demanding REPARATIONS NOW… The convenient amnesia of Scotland in disavowing its role within the slave trade is a significant cause for concern, necessitating a demand for reparations, #BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY. This amnesia is a systematic form of oppression, which promotes and maintains institutional racism, gifting privilege and denying access to the Other. It is time to wake up. This is real. Got to get WOKE. Decolonization is coming…