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Maledicta Electronica

John Maybury

UK, 1996
58 minutes, Colour, Sound
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file
Maledicta Electronica

“Maybury’s tape is ‘a homage to Alan Turing, the British cryptographer who pioneered the idea of machine intelligence. Using Super-8 and Hi-8 images that are brilliantly constructed into composite screen displays the work evolves in episodic form punctuated by enigmatic intertitles to both challenge and direct the visual reading.” – William Raban, Frieze, May 1996

Maledicta Electronica is a mesmerising journey into a video world of performance, S&M, politics and poetry. Maybury mixes exquisite image-making with an acutely urbane politic that never lets the viewer drift too long in pleasure fields.