Lens Diary

Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 20 mins
|20 Seconds
Black & White,
Sound: Stereo
Ratio: 16:9
Available Format/s: HD Prores.mov, HD H264.mov
Original Format: HD Video


Notes on relational optics.(or… what lens did I use and what it felt like to use it, how it affected my physical proximity to people and things and how it determined a photograph)Margaret Salmon presents a technician’s diary and slideshow of photographs made in collaboration with G20 Youth Festival, a non-profit youth club based in Maryhill, Glasgow.Through a narrated photographic slide-show Salmon demonstrates and responds to a set of fixed length lenses starting with a 28mm, then 50mm and finally 85mm. Each lens represents a consecutive day’s shooting, mapping a progressive emotional and physical image-making process realised through time and optical magnification. The 35mm photochemical stills were made in June 2020 and document G20 Youth Festival’s daily program of food distribution and community engagement during Covid-19 in Glasgow.

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