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La Bas

Andrew Kotting

UK, 1995
20 minutes
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

When ‘Le Tunnel’ unexpectedly closes for a security check, a French couple, Angeline (who thinks life is a perfume advertisement) and her toy-boy Jean Luc (who is exhausted by her sexual demands) end up at a bed & breakfast in bexhill-on-Sea run by three lesbians. They are thrown together with a seven-foot Geordie, a social worker and his two charges: Jackie (a mouth fetishist who sees things in terms of animals – a sudden flight of exotic birds or galloping giraffes in an African savannah) and Keith (who sees himself as an Olympic sprinter). Angeline believes the English have no passion and hate children, food and sex. She is quickly fed up and wants to go home, but Jean Luc is enjoying himself, tucking into a huge fry-up. Then Jackie throws a fit, and Angeline and Geordie fall in love.