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Just About Now

Lis Rhodes

UK, 1993
23 minutes, Colour, Sound, 4:3
Original format: SD video
Available formats: HD Digital file

‘Right herePeering over the precipitous slideFrom yesterday intoTomorrowReinvigorates all my faith in terror and deception’from the soundtrack Just About NowJust About Now was made in the early 1990’s, during the moment of the breaking up of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Kuwait and the first ‘Gulf War’.–L.R.They search for potatoes from street to streetEven the flies sleepThere is no priceHungry – they are beyond priceJust About Now asks not ‘who?’ but ‘why?’It wasn’t as if it wasn’t seenIt wasIt was seen and they went shoppingThey spoke about itWorried and went to bedThey will ask themselvesHow was it we never knew?’‘Through the use of blur, Lis Rhodes in Just About Now (1993), reproduced on an Arts Council publicity postcard, abstracts the video image in a painterly fashion. Video as a palette of shape, form and colour is powerfully translated.’–Esther Johnson ‘Image is Everything’Selected screenings : ‘In person’, Lis Rhodes, Film Museum, Vienna, 2009 ; ‘Experiments in Moving Image’, The Old ‘Lumiere’ Cinema, London, 2004 ; ‘Cinesisters’, Berlin, 1995