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Inside Comics

Penny Dedman , Terry Flaxton , VIDA , Tony Cooper

UK, 1979
35 minutes, B&W / Colour, stereo
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

Flaxton had met the artist Neil Adams who had discovered the creators of Superman, Siegel and Shuster, employed as doormen by DC comics and had taken up their case against DC. Why should the creators of an intellectual property as successful as Superman exist in poverty, demeaned by a job as lowly ashaving to open the doors for big business? Eventually Adams won the court case for the two creators and got them both a pension from DC comics. This documentary by Flaxton and Vida highlights the work of the artist Brian Adams and collectors of both the golden and silver ages of comic books whilst looking at issues around creativity and in turn its evaluation in high and low culture via the comic book form. Later on after seeing this work, Arena made their own version of Adams story.