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India Shouting Match

George Barber

India, 2010
7 minutes, Colour, Sound
Available formats: SD Digital file, HD Digital file

India Shouting Match is a version of George Barber’s well-known Shouting Match but shot in India. The piece is a conceptual idea and benefits from being different every time it is staged.Imagine two seated people facing each other. At the given signal they begin shouting. They have to put everything into a short contest. The harder they shout the more they are in the frame, the quieter they are, the more they are withdrawn. If you fall silent “ you will be out the frame“ out of history.India Shouting Match consists of pure shouting. It is also an attempt to experiment with raw communication – the shouts of pre-civilisation. They are no words, just emotions. Metaphorically, India Shouting Match responds to the common situation in modern life, whereby everything has to be turned full up. Nothing is quiet. Everything is exaggerated. In effect – not saying anything very loudly – is an apt metaphor for our culture today. Everybody everywhere is waving their arms and eyebrows about needlessly. After that there is also a picture of various Indian Characters and various cultural differences that are intriguing.Visually, Shouting Match is made up of the actual vocal combat and insight into characters, how they behave, their faces in pain, anger, struggle, insanity, defeat and victory. The sheer sound of the piece is impressive; especially as a multi-screen in galleries and consists of men and women using their voice in a totally irrational, pre-cultural fashion. The howl of madness.