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Margaret Salmon

United Kingdom, 2019
4 minutes, 42 seconds, Colour, 5.1 Surround Sound, 16:9
Original format: Super 16mm film
Available formats: HD Digital file

A short film depicting a woman putting her children to sleep, cleaning dishes, then dancing with a ghost. Shot on Super 16mm film, Home uses the physical material of film, and expressive bodies, to interpret emotional and imaginative relationships between daily tasks, gendered histories and restorative fantasy. The film shows a progression from the mundane to the extraordinary through the use of realist aesthetics paired with analogue double exposure. A woman cares, moves, isolated, repetitive, before being embraced, encountered by a ghost. They touch, caress and gradually dance together, moving in unison, finding each other in sombre mournful reverie. The ghost and woman finally rest together, and the woman then returns to her children, after this brief moment of resistance and restoration.