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Hannah’s Song

Katharine Meynell

UK, 1986
8 minutes
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

A poetic work evoking the slippage of roles in the post-partum period. A cyclical cross-generational sense of loss and separation, culminates in the image of the child passionately kissing her own image in the mirror.

Installation version for Women Sculptors Today Canterbury: ‘Hannah’s Song is a two-deck multi-monitor video installation. My daughter first started to sing at four and a half months; this was quite apparent to me however unrecognizable to others. I took her song to Jocelyn Pook who transcribed it for me. Although the rhythm was random the notes were consistent.

This is essentially a visual work, in it I have collaged photographs, super 8 and video, of Hannah and the objects and colours that fascinate her.’ – Katharine Meynell, in National Review of Live Arts.