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Grandma’s Dream

Laure Prouvost

9 minutes, 1 seconds, Colour, Sound, 16:9
Original format: HD video
Available formats: HD Digital file / BluRay

‘Grandma’s Dream’ was created as a companion piece to ‘Wantee’, Laure Prouvost’s Turner Prize winning film exhibition. Prouvost explores the sorrows and dreams of her grandmother, the abandoned partner of Prouvost’s missing artist ‘grandfather’. Prouvost first introduced the character of the ‘grandfather’ in her 2010 films ‘I need to take care of my conceptual grandad’ and ‘The Artist’ : an absent figure, he exists only in Prouvost’s films, sculptures and monologues. In the rosy, blue sky visions of ‘Grandma’s Dream’, planes that are half teapot, half-plane serve tea from the sky, and Prouvost’s grandma figure wishes for a world where conceptual art takes care of dinner. However the work is suffused with anxiety, and Prouvost combines language and images to construct invented storylines, exploring the slippages between fiction and reality.