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Keira Greene

United Kingdom, 2016
9 minutes, 36 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Original format: HD Video
Available formats: HD Digital file

‘Grain’ (2016) is a portrait of Anna Halprin’s Mountain Home Studio built by her husband and environmental architect Lawrence Halprin (1916-2009). A voiceover from Daria Halprin, their daughter, and a dancer, actor, and teacher herself, relates an intimate family history. Daria gives tender impressions of her parents, detailing their individual perspectives on social experience, the natural environment, process, design, and movement. The images move from the landscape to the dance deck, a structure intended to have minimal impact on the environment, built in symbiosis with the mountain and with Anna and the Halprin family, as well as with a wider community of dancers and artists.