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Goodbye in the Mirror

Storm De Hirsch

USA, 1964
80 minutes, B&W, Opt.
Available formats: 16mm

A dramatic feature shot on location in Rome. Centred around the adventures and illusions of three girls living abroad, the film explores their restlessness and personal involvements in assuming the role of woman as hunter.- S.D.H.
‘… it sets forth Maria’s conflict with her roommates, her hunt for a man, and her ultimate decision to refuse her knight in shining armour.’ – Joanne Berancourt, ‘Women In Focus’.
Cast: Rosa Pradell, Franco Volpino, Diane Stainton, Barbera Apostal, Charlotte Bradley. Camera: Giorgio Turi. Harpsichord: Stewart Robb. Italian songs arranged and sung by Pola Chapelle.