Country: UK
Duration: 30 mins
Sound: Stereo
Available Format/s: BluRay / HD Digital file
Original Format: HD video


Gonda responds to controversial Russian American writer Ayn Rand’s play “Ideal” 1937 through a critical reading of aspects of revolutionary modernism, which continue to impact our society today.The film Gonda stands in counter position to Rand’s altruistic standpoint. It aims to take cinematic and linguistic space to their limits by creating ‘kaleidoscope spaces’ in which images, texts and sounds change position to affect pre-supposed ideals of identity and existence. Gonda is a performative “film of voices”. The script by Maria Fusco rebuilds and re-imagines Gonda through a polyvocal voice and the film features, next to others, Dutch transgender model Valentijn de Hingh.Funded by FLAMIN, Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network BMUVK, Austria and The Elephant Trust

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