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Keira Greene

United Kingdom, 2020
7 minutes, 9 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Original format: HD Video
Available formats: HD Digital File

Folds is a filmed portrait of dance artist and writer Alexandrina Hemsley that explores themes of intimacy, agency and temporality. Shot inside the controlled environment of a film studio, the work playfully explores the concept and the practice of capture, through a series of 8 second dances. These short performances were recorded using the Phantom high-speed camera so that what the audience experiences is a choreography in extreme slow motion. Folds is a performance only partially documented by the camera; following each ‘action’ (shot at 1000fps) the camera must play back and save the clip at 25fps. In real time, during those ‘lost’ minutes, the performance continued. This is a production of doubled-time, seen and unseen, a process that destabilises the hierarchy of capture, duration, and representation. Folds is a portrait that reveals a world of micro movements through slow motion, as well as gesturing towards the world outside of the frame, that which was missed but that makes a difference.