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Faust 3: Candida Albacore

Stan Brakhage

USA, 1988
25 minutes, Colour, opt
Available formats: 16mm

Just as the word ‘idyll’ of Faust’s part 2 is rooted in Greek ‘idein’/’to see’, so is ‘Candida’ in ‘candidatus’, as used in ‘the white robed army of martyrs’ of the ‘Te Deum’, as well as ‘Albicare’/’to be white’ or ‘Albicore’ out of the Portuguese (Of Arabic origin) designating a kind of tunny (or white tuna): thus Faust’s 3 is white/white as well as (from sugar’s ‘white’) candy, and fish: it is the modern ‘Walpurgisnacht’ to Faust, but the day-dream of ‘his’ Emily: it exists that a woman have, finally, something of her ritual included in the myth of Faust … and that ‘muthos’/ ‘mouth’ become a vision. – S.B.