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Dripping Water

Michael Snow , Joyce Wieland

Canada, 1969
10 minutes, B&W, opt
Available formats: 16mm

‘Play sound loud’. – J.W.
‘You see nothing but a white, crystal white plate, and water dripping into the plate, from the ceiling, from high, and you hear the sound of dripping water. The film is ten minutes long. I can imagine only St. Francis looking at a water plate and water dripping so lovingly, so respectfully, so serenely. The usual reaction is: Oh what is it anyhow? Just a plate of water dripping.’ But that is a snob remark. The remark has no love for the world anything. Snow and Wieland’s film uplifts the object, and leaves the viewer with a finer attitude toward the world around him, it opens his eyes to the phenomenal world. And how you can love people if you don’t love water, stone, grass.’ – Jonas Mekas..