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Tina Keane

UK, 1983
15 minutes, Colour, sound
Original format: Lo- Band Pal
Available formats: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file

A large model steam train moves back and forth across the floor, on the right of the track is a vertical coloumn of six monitors placed alternatively upside down so that the column resembles a steep staircase.
The monitors show a sequence of the artist crawling with difficulty along the floor and then ascending a ladder. On the wall behind is a diagonally ascending line of blue neon numbers. Demolition/Escape speaks of a childhood heavily infused with fantasy. The emotional struggle of the artist ‘imprisoned’ in the monitors is taunted by the old rational ‘stare’ of the train in its pointless movement back and forth, and by the equally empty rise of the numbers – rationality to no purpose except as an illusion of knowlege, and to that end a prison of sorts.