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Dame 2

Kathryn Elkin

United Kingdom, , 2016
10 minutes, 30 seconds, Colour, Stereo, 16:9
Original format: HD video
Available formats: HD Video / / / HD Digital file
Kathryn Elkin, 2016

Dame 2 recreates an interview on Parkinson with Helen Mirren from 1975, transcribed and performed as a song by Elkin. She is backed by a choir of associates and friends she corrals into chanting in loose harmony. The work explores the notion of improvisation and power-balance within the recorded-as-live TV format, and re-cites/recites this particular interview, which is so often referenced as an example of historic sexism.The work was originally a performance in 2013, and was repurposed as a video in 2016 for the exhibition Television at CCA Glasgow.