Curtain Trip

Country: UK
Duration: 3 mins
Sound: Sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


“Curtain Trip resulted from my hanging three pieces of coloured silk from a ceiling, lying on the ground and looking up at them as they moved in the breeze. Soon I realised that although I found this pretty fabulous, nobody else would. Thus, I hit on the idea of doubling it all up and creating a vortex or mandala type image. The fabric itself was shot on film; the rest is video editing.” – George Barber”George Barber’s new film is a mixture of high technology and psychedelia. While in his earlier works he used found images from both film and television or the art world, this tape remains abstract, concentrating on the synaesthetic experience of the combination of image and soundtrack into a kaleidoscopic whole.” – Angus Walker

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