Cobra Mist

Country: UK
Duration: 7 mins
|45 Seconds
Sound: Sound
Available Format/s: DVD / Digibeta tape / SD Digital file


Cobra Mist explores the relationship between the landscape of Orford Ness and the traces of its military history, particularly the experiments in radar and the extraordinary architecture of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. Much of what took place there is still under the official secrets act so will only be revealed over time. The buildings have been left to the elements to deteriorate, creating a tension between the time it will take for their secrets to come out and for the buildings to disappear. The place has a sinister atmosphere, which the architecture itself begins to reveal or hint at. The film records the physical traces of it’s often secretive past using the photographic nature of 16mm film and time lapse to construct an impossible experience of the landscape and expose its history to the camera.
The soundtrack is composed by Benedict Drew from sound recordings taken from Orford Ness by Chris Watson.

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